KYO - "Rollin' with the Dream" - Released 11/8/2016

KYO Rollin with the Dream




KYO ---  Are they rock, new wave, punk pop, Beatle-esque? Hard to say. Kyo went through a few phases. We had a jeans phase, glam rock, leather and even a costume phase. Yours truly on keyboards, Thomas Keough on guitar, David Plante on bass and Fil Maio on drums. This is the original lineup and we stayed together a long time and no drama. Other   members included Al Battersby, Tim Shaw, John Martin, Laurie Keough, Nick Chippis, Rich Snell, Raffi, Ricardo Francisco Del Padre De Norte (i think he went on for another twenty minutes rattling off names lol )..., Russell Keough and Scott Harwood sat in on drums, Joe Amodie also. Atom Boffi, Kris Noelle, Wanda Bogacz on vocals for a short time. Who am I forgetting? And let's not forget the super fans. I'm not going to name you all because if I forget someone I'll feel terrible.

The meaning of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo in short description means literal Devotion to the mystic law of the Lotus Sutra. Chanting nam myoho renge kyo is to connect with the eternal Buddha.

"Rollin' with the Dream" was recorded at Celebration Sound Recording with Dave Correa and Dan Moretti and at Normandy Sound owned by Phil Greene with engineer Tom Soares at the board. The Normandy tapes were produced by Kevin Falvey.


Animals In The Zoo - As a child and teen Kevin was not comfortable seeing animals in cages. Later in his teens he realized we are all in cages of some sort or another, so this song translates to humans as city dwellers and cubical rats as well. But it has a nice lighthearted Reggae feel to it to lighten the subject matter.

Ain't Good Enough - Romantic angst, broken hearts. If I'm not good enough for you (not rich enough, good looking enough, etc) , then maybe you're not good enough for me. Nice smooth rocker.

Girl Of My Dreams - Really nice uptempo pop song. A favorite of the young female fans.

I'll Be Home Soon - Seeing signs of mutual global destruction, irreversible pollution and the industrial war complex (and now global warming), this Bowie-esque character has been sent to earth to keep an eye on things, and realizes the time is drawing near when things will be beyond human redemption and he will need to intercede. Once that happens he can return to his home planet.

Nature Lover - The title speaks for itself. A peaceful meandering song ... like a walk in the woods.

Good Times - Teens don't realize how lucky they are to be living in the good old days. This song sings of the Good Times ... from the point of view of having grown up and gone to work, have a family, etc. Looking back and wishing we could be with our friends having good times forever.

Copies Or Originals - The age old question for any band...write and sing about what's important to you in the hopes of someday being rich and famous, or at least able to help out with meaningful songs of inspiration... or be a cover band so everyone can hear their favorite songs and maybe actually get paid for playing.

Mendacious Lovers - Ah, the tales of mendacious (deceitful, unfaithful, promiscuous) lovers. Or maybe just friends who like to meet up at a bar and finish the night off with a good time together. Hmmm.

Standing In Love - A rocking dreamlike, passionate love song with a nice progressive chord progression and melody.

Gone From My World - People step into and out of our lives for many reasons. We embrace and give meaning to each other's lives until something happens to make it all disappear...perhaps a brother grows up and meets a girl and moves out of town, or a girlfriend finds another, or a best friend meets an unexpected tragic ending.

Victims Of - Victims of so many things that can happen to us. Perhaps being born into poverty. Or into a family of abusive parents. This was inspired by the loss of loved ones to cancer. But it's not muddled with sadness so much as it asks us to march along and make the best of things and remember fondly... and to dream our future reality.

First Days Of Summer - A sweet ballad reminiscing summer loves and the approaching autumn of life.


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KYO is a rockin’ band from the 70’s & 80’s whose lyrics are stil relevant today. Ranging in style from edgy guitar-driven to synth laden anthems, every song is imaginative and passionate, whether it’s a political

statement, philisophical dream or brooding love long.

A great collection of hard rock, new wave, futuristicballads and power pop. Enjoy!